Team + Supporters

Skov Aero and the Q-Alpha display have been developed and supported by a team of highly experienced engineers and pilots from Northrop, Bombardier and Airbus. We have deep expertise in the operation of Commercial aircraft and with the Governmental regulatory system, with a focus on Aviation Safety.


andrew skow, CEO

Skow is the former Chief Aerosciences Engineer for the F-20 TigerShark at Northrop and an SAE Wright Brothers Medal winner. 


steve chealander

Mr. Chealander is a former USAF fighter pilot, American Airlines Captain, VP Flight Operation at Airbus America, Thunderbirds Demonstration Team pilot and NTSB Member.



Mr. Moreau is a former FedEx chief experimental test pilot and an FAA designated airworthiness representative.

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Mr. Rockliff is a former Canadian Forces fighter pilot, Snowbirds Demonstration Team pilot and Airbus’ Chief Test Pilot – China.